Students AND Teachers Still Fearful At John Rolfe

During a recent community meeting, both, the students and parents of John Rolfe Middle School spoke out about the increasing violence, disruptions, and fights that are in the school this year.

As UGOTNERVE has reported, Andy Armstrong, the twice illegally appointed principal of John Rolfe Middle, has no vision, no discipline, and no control over the students OR teachers within the school.

Students told horrific stories of bathroom brawls, fights during lunch, and even fights between classes.  One student shared that, “they put us on silent lunch, but that doesn’t work.  The kids who cause all the problems are the ones that that they can’t control or are scared of.  It is worse than last year, especially when Mr. Jordan is the principal for the eighth graders.  He was our principal in seventh grade and we thought that he was bad then.  He is scared of all of the bad students and lets them get away with whatever they want so that he doesn’t have to deal with them.  The teachers and the students say so.  My mother says that he does not have a back bone.”

Well, out of the mouths of babes!

But we all know that Mediocre Morton and the Sorry School Board could care less about Rolfe’s mostly black and economically disadvantaged children, so they will keep the twice illegally appointed incompetent Armstrong in his role, stealing nearly six figures from taxpayers for causing children to fail and be unsafe.

They are definitely a sad bunch! 

One thing is for sure, they have no one to blame Armstrong’s failure on anymore.  We all know that last year Mediocre Morton removed one of the most disciplined, professional, and instructionally gifted assistant principals that had been at Rolfe nearly as long as the twice illegally appointed Armstrong had been alive.

For Mediocre Morton, his purpose was to clear the way for Armstrong to be as mediocre as he is without any challenges or any one to stand up against him for the students of Rolfe.  

Well, now, twice illegally appointed Armstrong’s little stuff is “blowing in the wind,” even with all the help that he receives from central office, they are even saying that the mess at Rolfe cannot be cleaned up until twice illegally appointed is gone.  

So when the people that Mediocre Morton sent to give Twice Illegally Appointed Armstrong a life line say that it is a lost cause, you would think that the Moron Morton would start thinking about the children instead of his crony that is not only incompetent, but grossly negligent to the point that children’s welfare is being compromised.

But like we said before, Mediocre Morton will die first before he will remove Twice Illegally Appointed Armstrong, because for him, it is about arrogance, pride, and to hell with the mostly black and poor children at Rolfe…..just as long as Mediocre Morton can save face………..but is he really?

Last time we checked, public opinion within the district not only classified Mediocre Morton as incompetent, arrogant, clueless, insecure, a dicktator, unable to communicate properly, and just plain ignorant; but the consensus is that he has driven Henrico’s schools straight into hell to the point that no one want to move or stay in the county; and even worse yet, Henrico’s parents are trying to get their children into RICHMOND’s….yes….RICHMOND’s schools.




One comment on “Students AND Teachers Still Fearful At John Rolfe

  1. Karen says:

    Can you email me all the information of what happens at Rolfe

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