Parents Awarded $103,000 When School Officials Falsified IEP

UGOTNERVE has reported numerous instances of falsified IEP’s by Henrico County officials.  Many of these documents have been forwarded to state, federal, and civil rights agencies in order to launch investigations, file criminal charges when warranted, and revoke state issued licenses of those guilty of forgery and falsification.

Parents are speaking out and taking action to hold school officials accountable for their illegal and unethical behaviors.

Our friends at Wrightslaw completed an outstanding piece that provides direction for parents that suspect that their signatures have been forged on an IEP or that their student’s records have been falsified in any way.  

“On October 3, 2001, President Bush appointed the Commission on Excellence in Special Education. Later this year, this Commission will make recommendations to Congress and the White House about the reauthorization of the IDEA.

Based on reports from parents, advocates, attorneys, and past or present special education staff around the country, it appears that falsification of documents and forgery of signatures may be common and widespead. If so, this must be brought to the attention of the Commission on Excellence in Special Education and the Congress so that appropriate amendments to the IDEA can be proposed.

Forgery is a crime. Forgery is no less important when it is done by school personnel who are responsible for educating or evaluating disabled children. Forgery includes forging parents signatures on IEPs, consent to evaluate forms, etc.

Similarly, falsifying required special education documents is a crime. Falsification of documents should not be overlooked because the actions were taken by school personnel. Falsification includes:

  • Having school staff sign IEPs or IEP Meeting notes as though they attended a meeting, when they did not attend the meeting;
  • Creating evaluation reports when evaluations were not done;
  • Creating false records to indicate timely evaluations, timely IEP meetings, or timely commencement of services;
  • Creating false records to indicate that related services were provided in accordance with a child’s IEP, when the related services were provided less often than mandated in the IEP, or not at all.”
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UGOTNERVE wants to know why Henrico County’s school board continues to employ and protect “CRIMINALS” that have documented violations of forging and falsifying student records???????
Perhaps, after the massive class action that is mounting is completed, Henrico’s board, if they are still around, will finally do their job to protect children and their families against “CRIMINALS” from the classroom to the boardroom that break the law.
Pete Wright makes it very clear, IF Henrico’s board will listen and follow the law:

“…Falsifying required special education documents is a crime. Falsification of documents should not be overlooked because the actions were taken by school personnel.”
Read more about the parents that took the district to the bank for being “CRIMINALS”!
CCIE’s families have forwarded their information to Pete Wright in order to solicit his support and direction.  It will be very interesting to see what evolves……

5 comments on “Parents Awarded $103,000 When School Officials Falsified IEP

  1. […] Parents Awarded $103000 When School Officials Falsified IEP « U …Aug 10, 2008 … UGOTNERVE has reported numerous instances of falsified IEP’s by … hold school officials accountable for their illegal and unethical behaviors. […]

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    • Concerned parent ( TC ) says:

      I dont have an IEP issue, even though my 19 year old son that is suppose to graduate this year has one… But, there principle I believe, not sure yet, investigating tomorrow at lunch, but, seems he falsifies behavior documents to make things sound worse than what they are… just friday my son was removed from school, who also receives mental counseling and is on medication, naturally, my fault, the counselor helps my son with his counseling that is offsite through a psychiatric doctor, who wanted to see my son at the school, so I figured there was no problem with taking him, which I was wrong because he was suppose to be off school property for until I spoke with the principle…. not a problem,,, but, the vice principle has many allegations against him, and I received a behavior report that when he was there, I was at the front office, he was in the guidance office, the vice principle asked him where I was, and on his way to the front office, said my son’s, ( both my sons where there at the time ), called him the F word. Now, they also have another teacher that was there talking to my oldest son when this supposedly happened, and I will be talking to him tomorrow,,, ( someone I actually trust too…), if he says my son’s never said that before, this is a form of falsifying documents, but not only with my own children, large groups of kids are complaining about this,, but, no one else is acting on it to the Superintendent like I have been, or the main principle. It seems everyone parent I have talked to about this who have the same problems, either don’t want the hassle, dont have the time, or, just plain scared… Another issue is we have another high school here that is more intended for more mis-behaved students, or have too many problems at the main high school. The vice principle has a few problems with a student, and it seems like he is trying to send everyones child there instead of trying to help them, mine also being one of them.. another father was asked the same thing for his son, and he told the vice principle that it was there job to try to help his son with issues, not throw him out after just being in one fight,,,,, yes, seriously, one fight,, my son does have a mouth, in middle school, the principle praised him, he was in two fights, on camera, never threw the first punch… but he did fight back,,, which means automatic suspension, understandable… I tell my kids if they do something wrong, you have to take the punishment,,, but, what if the things they did wrong with the vice principle of the high school, isnt what really happened….? If any principle anywhere is trying to get rid of students, just so they are with students that get better grades, I believe their school gets more funding,,, most of the students I have talked too have low grades or struggling with homework…. so, that sounds fishy to me too… I tried to talk to this vice principle before many of these issues became problems, and he called my son a lier about homework, and I myself, can verify the teacher found the homework 2 days later… which caused my son to rebel against him, and mouth back allot… so, he gets punished more with me… but, cant blame my son with everything ive been finding out… I go to lunch everyday with my son to make sure he doesn’t get into trouble,,, which has worked until recently,,, now its bullying, and he yelled back at the students,,, ( this one is my youngest son, both son’s are in high school ) sorry if confusing,,,, but, now i have this behavior report, if I find out it is 100% a like, could the vice principle get terminated for falsifying behavior reports to get students in more trouble to try to get them out of the school? this is a new principle, and vice principle this year, never had this problem with the last, and the last vice principle was awesome… he told you how it was straight up front, no fidgeting in his seat, no looking around and would look straight into your eyes when he spoke, and wouldnt jump around the explanation of the situation that happened… and yes, this is what the new vice principle had done with me.. My mother told me to get a lawyer, but I cant afford one, and make too much for legal aid, thanks,,,

  3. chachalouise says:

    Just researching this. Filed a complaint w my state dept of Ed last month. Picked up a copy of my daughters file at school district today just to compare and ensure I have everything they do etc. it appears at an IEP meeting which was stated in my complaint as no compliant due to IEP members absent and no notice…..(just principle and speech pathologist) anyways… It appears someone went thru and signed even tho they were absent. Ugh!!!!

  4. wendy says:

    My 11 yr twin daughter is 3 years behind in reading (diagnosed with dyslexia) it wasn’t until this year I found that three years of her IEP have been falsified with an evaluation from well known hospital including scores THAT DO NOT EXIST. The district will not even provide summer school because the dept head of special education has stated my daughter has not significantly regrest over the past school vacations. I have been told to go to the mayor of city but I fear retaliation. Our family has already been bullied/ intimidated by district administration. I have documented proof of what has been going on. It is criminal to prevent my daughter to receive an education she is entitled to into purposely by an to intimidate a family because they are advocating for her educational rights. I know it sounds extreme but it really has happened. I hope to God that we can receive some help.

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