Why Are Teachers Living In FEAR?

UGOTNERVE received this article and we know that we have experienced this first hand in Henrico County Public Schools.  TEACHERS ARE TERRIFIED to speak out, go against the grain, criticize administration, and more importantly, stand up for our children.  

The school board members should be asking themselves a very critical question.  What does it say about a learning community that promotes an atmosphere of fear, intimidation, and hopelessness within its adults to the point that they would rather remain silent about abuse, neglect, and noncompliance as it relates to children just so they can keep their jobs and not be harassed by this district’s leaders?  


  • These teachers FEAR being “blacklisted”, never to be promoted or recognized for their abilities. 
  • These teachers FEAR questioning the illegal and noncompliant directives of superiors, even though they know that children will suffer if they carry them out.
  • They FEAR being “targeted” by bullying administrators that would rather “silence” them than “solve” the problem.  
  • They FEAR being “emotionally and mentally abused” by administrators with the school board’s blessing.  
  • They FEAR being “excluded and singled out” as “trouble makers” or not being “team players” by other staff members that are “going along to get along”, even though they know that things are VERY wrong regarding our children. 
  •  They FEAR having their “character” destroyed by the lies of administrators.  They even FEAR having their own students used against them as a form of retaliation by heartless administrators that would not think twice about misusing the innocence of a child for their own purpose.
  • Most importantly, they FEAR loosing the right to live out their life-long passion of educating our children because they made a man (or woman) mad when they criticized or exposed how they were hurting our children.


What kind of school board, county, and community would promote that type of atmosphere?

How can we free our children from the jails of fear when we cannot even free ourselves?

Sounds like Iraq, China, or Russia to us……..change MUST come, the survival and freedom of our children depends on it!




Are teachers afraid to speak up?

May 7, 2008 – 8:24PM

If letter writer Stacie Brooks (“School District 1 in severe need,” April 14) had “a close relative” working as a teacher in Yuma Elementary District 1, why did she learn about these “resource” problems only recently and in conjunction with that relative leaving their job in the district?
Was that teacher afraid to speak out while still working? And, why was that teacher’s name not given? Is he or she afraid that they will not be hire-able elsewhere? Also, if “teachers are doing their best,” as Brooks suggests, why is the newspaper not flooded with letters, not from relatives or parents, but from the teachers themselves?
Could it be that all these hundreds of so-called “teachers” are taking their paychecks home and “just going along to get along?” 

For years I have been calling for a public teacher’s forum, and have even offered a free place to have one, and yet no such forum ever materializes. Why? Is it because teachers know all too well that when they do speak out and criticize what goes on in their schools they will be publicly accused of criminal behavior and hounded from their jobs by those who, if they were actively investigated by the police, the county attorney and the press, would be found to be themselves indictable?

In conclusion, if there are so few teachers who have the requisite courage and are willing to speak out, isn’t it sheer emptiness, and an invitation to a just contempt, for the majority to continue to teach that it is wrong “to go along just to get along?”




One comment on “Why Are Teachers Living In FEAR?

  1. So much hangs on our unity, I will not bore you with details of my own Kafkaesque nightmare at LAUSD as a whistleblower railroaded by a personality disorder who is not even properly credentialed to be a principal and the CYA mentality of LAUSD that llowed him to get away with it. This is a system where kids are counted (funding for administrative positions relies on numbers) but they do NOT count (unless they have affluent parents who insist they do).
    Since this satire writes itself, I hope to follow in Swift’s footsteps and compose a scathing memoir about my experiences soon. In the meantime I have more urgent concerns than the career these EducAT$ want to crush, themortgage I am behind on or my literary aspirations. Our students, our calling, our colleagues and our communities are in grave danger as this corporate model for education reform makes teachers disposable, usurps acdemic freedom, which puts Democracy in peril, and exploits students instead of educating them. Even Oprah and Obama are bamboozled by the corporate media’s propogada, and as teachers, we must make this the ultimate teachable moment. Please lend your voice to ours and speak out on PERdaily.com. Lenny Isenberg has been interviewed by NPR and built this site to reach out to teachers nationally since these issues are escalating all over the USA. We are joining forces with NAPTA/Karen Horwitz and Jo Scott Coe as well as other writers who have documented corruption, incompetence and abusive EducRAT$ in our public school systems.
    If you see these things going on (embezzlment, harassment, theft, perversion of PC codes, inequity, discriminations, overcrowded classes, unsafe or unsanitary conditions, etc. etc. etc, and you fail to report them, you may be prudent, even rightously intimidated, but you are still complicit with the white chalk crimes our schools’ leaders commit with harrowing regularity. No one knows how terrible and unchecked their power is better than I do, but the truth makes these folks sweat and it is our job to tell it until they melt away and schools belong to tudents, parents and teachers like they must to thrive.
    Bad teachers are absolutely the problem in our schools. The problem is, people don’t realize the bad teachers often become administrators because they cannot handle the real work we do in the trenches. It is unseemly for these EducRAT$ to evaluate us or to make crucial decisions about what educational programs, resources and reforms will serve students’ needs–especially when so much of our budget is squandered on their highly paid, mostly unnecessary and often unethical tenaciously tenured asses. But it is unconscionable for teachers to let them get away with it. PLEASE JOIN US NOW!

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