John Rolfe Middle School White Educator Offers Lesson In “Niggerology” To Black Students

UGOTNERVE received a report from several Rolfe students and parents that we HAD to share with our readers. 

One student shared that their white reading teacher tried to justify the use of the word “nigger” by reading the definition of the word from the dictionary and stating that the word can apply to everyone, not just black people.

Several of the students became extremely upset at the teacher’s “lesson on niggerology–the study of the term “nigger”.  It was very disturbing to others that a white teacher, who is the same teacher that directed students to in order to make comments about an article that was written about Rolfe Middle School, would think that she knew best and that the students should not be so “offended” by the word.  This topic was not approved within the teacher’s lesson plans, but she discussed it anyway. 

Needless to say that the teacher was never reprimanded by Armstrong, Jepson, Royal, or Morton, or even the school board, in any form for her actions….but of course, you guessed it, she is white!

This is yet one more example of the blatant racist white double standard that exists due to Rolfe and Henrico’s Central Office discrimination toward black children and black educators.  Earlier this year, an African-African educator held a discussion with her students regarding racism within the races and was attempting to dispel myths about light-skinned blacks and dark skinned-blacks.  Before she could blink her eyes good, she was escorted out of her classroom by Mr. Jordan, her belongings were packed up in front of her students, and she was placed on administrative suspension for the discussion.  Eventually, Jepson had to apologize  for the “rush to punishment” and stated that the county’s actions were based on a “misunderstanding“. 

Needless to say that this highly competent African-American educator that taught the advanced science class for eighth grade students was extremely upset regarding the manner in which this was handled by white administrators that are clearly not only culturally insensitive, but incompetent as well.  Shortly  following the incident, Rolfe Middle School lost an excellent educator; yet another casualty of deadly incompetence that is directly impacting our children.  They have yet to replace her properly.

UGOTNERVE would love to hear Armstong and Morton explain why white faculty members can do the exact same things as their black counterparts and go unaddressed, unpunished, and in most cases defended or excused by the white administration.  This is institutionalized racism and discrimination at its worse within OUR schools!

The student continued to share that one of the students in the class became so upset at the lesson in “niggerology” that she called the teacher a “liar” after listening to how the word “nigger” was being commonized by a white teacher.  It was reported that the teacher took the student outside the classrom and reprimanded the student for calling her a liar.

The white educator that certified herself in “niggerology” is also the same educator whose students take pictures throughout the school, violates school policies by roaming the halls without passes, permits student to go in unauthorized areas of the school, pulls students from their core subjects to grade papers, and has even yelled at her peers…but no action has been taken against herWe guess it is because Armstrong and Morton are too busy targeting black educators like Lucas and covering up for white incompetent educators and administrators. 

Just one more example that establishes the fact that at John Rolfe, if you are WHITE, you are ALWAYS RIGHT, but if you are BLACK the administrators and central office will ATTACK you to lie on you, bully you, threaten you, then remove you!

What’s next, can we expect a course on “lynchnology” or “knowing your inner slave self”  or “careers for slaves” to make a come back at Rolfe?  It is clear that no one is trying to protect educators like this one from our children, not only that, they are  making sure that those that would speak out against things like this are forcefully reassigned and nonrenewed so that they can continue to destroy the minds, spirits, and souls of our children without serious opposition.

It is ongoing incidents like this that prove that John Rolfe is not safe for OUR children.  It is not physically, psychologically, mentally, emotionally, or academically safe, but Morton and Armstrong could care less because there are not THEIR children.

If a child molester or abuser had access to take advantage and destroy our children day in and day out, we would be outraged…we hope.  How is that situation different from what OUR children at Rolfe are going through?  UGOTNERVE sees no difference because neither situation is working for the welfare of OUR children.

If you ain’t mad…you should be…and you should demand that this educator, Armstrong, Morton, Jordan, Rokenbrod, Royal, Jepson, Ellis, and the others be removed NOW!  As one parent stated, John Montgomery should also be replaced if he cannot be a true advocate for children and their families instead of protecting, defending, and upholding Morton, Armstrong, and the perverted system that they have created to the destruction of our children.  It is time for all fake players to leave the playground and the momentum is growing.



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